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Hundreds of area businesses are members of the Mahaska Chamber & Development Group. Find them by keyword, category, or browse by letter in our interactive directory.
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Jaarsma Bakery

Dave & Kristi Balk
201 A Ave. E
Oskaloosa, IA 52577
(641) 673-6415

James Feudner

Associate Member
1710 S 2nd Street
Oskaloosa, IA 52577

Janet Kuskie Hermsen

Associate Member
Oskaloosa, IA 52577

JC's Johns

Jason and Cherlynn Waite
Beacon, IA 52534
(641) 672-9386

Jeremy Empie Web Design

Jeremy Empie
120 S A Street -Penn Central Mall
Oskaloosa, IA 52577
(641) 295-4844
(850) 937-6989

Jerry's Pro Collision Center

Doug & Donni Dowell
717 South 6th St.
Oskaloosa, IA 52577
(641) 672-2681
(641) 672-9395

Julie's Home Style Cafe

Trevor & Julie Wells
216 South Market Street
Oskaloosa, IA 52577
(641) 673-5306

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