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Grants & Loans

While the Mahaska Chamber doesn't administer grants, please view the resources below for information about grants and loans available to businesses in the area.

Mahaska FutureView - Mission Statement

Mahaska FutureView is a project of the citizens of the Mahaska County Area dedicated to planning for an enhanced quality of life, economic health and growth for years and generations to come. Mahaska FutureView looks to the future, yet promotes the importance of historical preservation.

George Daily Family Trust

The George Daily Family Trust resources are utilized to benefit the community through the development of leadership and creating the initiative for beneficial projects to proceed. Applicants can apply for assistance for less or more than $2,000.

About George Daily

Mahaska County Community Foundation (MCCF) Grants

Two grant programs are available through the MCCF: the Yearly Grant Program and the City Challenge Grant Program. To apply for the Yearly Grant Program, applicants must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, a governmental body (school, city, county) or a charitable project with a qualified fiscal sponsor. City Challenge Grant Program applications are restricted to the ten municipalities in Mahaska County.

Revolving Loan Program

The Mahaska County Revolving Loan Fund provides low-interest loans to assist industries and businesses that desire to locate, expand, or diversify their business in Mahaska County. 

To be considered for a revolving loan, the new project should focus on job creation and preservation and bringing positive change to the local economy and community. Special consideration will be given to those applying for a loan as a manufacturer or industry type business as opposed to those who are in the retail/service type business.

George Daily Family Trust

Mahaska County Community Foundation

Visit the MCCF website for more information and to learn how to apply for their grant program.

MCCF Grants

Revolving Loan Program

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