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Iowa Masons Benevolent Society Building

Key Information

  • Year Built: 1876
  • Location: 121 High Avenue East
  • Current Tenant: Mahaska Title/Hawkeye Real Estate
  • Architecture Style: Italianate


The architectural style of the I.M.B. Society building was likely influenced by the Mahaska County Courthouse. The horizontal stone banding, stone and brick voussoirs over the triple windows grouped with a segmental arch are all evident in both buildings. Even the brick color, a bright orange, is the same. 

The I.M.B. Society building, being a commercial structure, exhibits more of an Italianate style than the more public courthouse. This is evidenced by its flat roof, brackets, etc. vs the pitched roof and arched windows of the courthouse. 

Renovations to the building include a new storefront in 1932 and translucent glass added to the south side of the building in the 1980s. 


Emily Russell Remembers Alsops

Emily Russell remembers the Alsops store that was located in the Iowa Masons Benevolent Society Building.

Tennant History

121 HAE
C.E. Monroe (Stoves)
Watts & Pilgrim (Tinsmiths)
Bolton & McCoy (Occupied Upper Story)
123 HAE
Huber & Kalbach (Hardware)
Dr. J.C. Barringer (Occupied Upper Story)
Iowa Masons Benevolent Society
Central Iowa Loan & Trust Co.

Huber & Kalbach (Hardware)
Central Iowa Loan & Trust Co. (Occupied Upper Story)
Bolton & Bolton Attorneys
Cowan, Hambleton & Loring Co. (Real Estate)

Huber & Kalbach Co. Hardware
U.M.W. District 13 Offices (Occupied Upper Story)

Smith-Shipley Co.

Alsops Inc
Johnson Abstract (Insurance Offices, Occupied Upper Story)

Alsops (Department Store)
Johnson Abstract (Insurance Offices, Occupied Upper Story)

Hawkeye Real Estate
Mahaska Title

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